hair loss.. I need to have responses!?

Concern by jessica: hair decline.. I require answers!?
I am a woman 19 a long time aged in the earlier thirty day period I started out to have plenty of hair loss, I went to the physician like 3 weeks ago, and the medical doctor informed me itll just take six months for hair to regrow and that it is nothing to fear about it is primarily just tension, but I haven’t been stressed over everything.. and he took a blood examination from me which came out to be every thing typical. My hair is nonetheless falling out and my hair use to be really poofy but now its received a lot considerably less than it use to be.. I was wondering if any person can permit me know what vitamins or hair treatments are very good to stop hair loss.. Thank you!

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Reply by Jay
consider having biotin, its water soluble so you cannot overdose. I was suffering from a trich, hair decline, so I tried out biotin a folic acid. My hair began expanding back 🙂 You can see critiques on youtube for it if that aids

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  1. I knew this woman who swore by a hair rinse of chamomile tea to stop hair loss. Once when my hair was falling out a bit I tried it and it seemed to help, my hair stopped falling out. It sounds kind of bogus I know, I am still not sure if it really helped, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  2. It may be genetic. Look at all of your relatives. Has any of them had anything like this?

    What is your diet like? If your diet is really bad, that may be a big contributor.

    How do you treat your hair? Do you straighten your hair on a regular basis? Do you always blow dry? When blow drying do you have it on the hottest setting? And do you keep the blow dryer very close to your head?

    What shampoo do you use? Check the ingredients. There are chemicals in shampoos that can cause hair loss, such as SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). If you haven’t already, buy a more natural shampoo. A great brand you can try is Naked – their shampoos are like 97% organic I think. If you live in the UK, you can find Naked products in Boots 🙂

    You feeling stressed might not be the problem, but maybe the way you are stressing your hair. What I mean is the way you treat it – like how do you style your hair? Do you put your hair up in ponytails or buns? Tight ponytails/buns can cause hair loss because you are pulling at the hair follicles.

    There are also some medications that can cause hair loss, like some antidepressants etc.

    ^^^^^ These are the kind of things you need to think about ^^^^^

    Now, in terms of getting your hair back to good health-

    Supplements you can take:

    – Biotin pills
    – Flaxseed oil pills
    – Folic acid pills
    – pills that are aimed at hair, skin & nails, such as Perfectil.

    Products you can use:

    – more natural shampoos like I have said before (eg. Naked shampoos).

    – always use a moisturising conditioner!

    – shampoos that are aimed at hair growth (like Mane n Tail. I really love their herbal essentials one. I know it contains some chemicals, like SLS, but it has made my hair grow A LOT).

    – using natural treatments on your hair one or twice every week: I like to use 2tbsp olive oil, 2tbsp coconut oil, 1tbsp castor oil. It works wonders, trust me. These oils, strengthens and thickens hair, which in turn helps promote hair growth.

    – use a wide tooth comb when brushing your hair. It will cause less breakage. And remember, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet!

    Right now you just need to treat your hair like a baby. Be very careful with what you use.
    And have a lot of patience 🙂

  3. I’m no doctor or expert but maybe it’s the shampoo and products you use. If you use a lot of product maybe cut back on that. You can also switch shampoo brands I like Pantene and think it works great! It could also be that your stressed about school or stuff going on around home? So maybe see if you can take a day off and just go relax! Another thing caused by hair loss can be heat you use on your hair. If you straighten or blowdry or curl your hair often try and cut back and just airdry or stop using it see if that helps. Like I’ve found white hairs before from my head and it freaked me out so I did most things that I just mentioned and it helped a lot! Like I’m only so young! Hope I helped good luck! Don’t stress so much! 🙂