Hair loss, please support!!!?

Issue by Lily_H: Hair reduction, remember to aid!!!?
Hello, i am a 23 yr old female with abnormal hair reduction. I started shedding my hair once my husband was deployed to iraq, i guess it was caused by tension and despair. I have experimented with each and every shampoo out there and nothing at all aids. Does any individual have any other ideas on what i could do? Make sure you support!!

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Response by CaLeb J
see a cosmetologist… Attempt conditioning and shampooing your hair as nicely. Clear you scalp extensively!

could you solution mines?

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  1. sweetheart, listen carefully. it’s all due to stress and negative emotions. to help you, STOP stressing and secondly: brewer yeast, buy the pills and drink this daily! brewer yeast and fish oil both! and use mild shampoo even baby shampoo

    it has to heal from the INSIDE out, a good shampoo is not enough but will help you too!

  2. I went to the pharmacy told them my problem and they gave me some vitamins it really worked and also it worked for my nails also i suggest you should do the same
    and do not use conditioner for 2 weeks

  3. Corinne L

    Don’t stress.Don’t wash your hair everyday,because it loosen the roots.