1. RedsKitchen Sink

    We are in the process of uploading the amounts of these ingredients in the

  2. RedsKitchen Sink

    Today I made my Hair Tonic Smoothie! Check it out! Leave a comment!

  3. Olav Wischulke

    Tank you for this beautiful advice . You are a really beauty!

  4. strawberry expired fast, so my question is can i use frozen strawberry and
    frozen blueberry? thanks!

  5. tequilashots875

    Awwwww man. I was loving the things you named until you said tomatoes.
    Puke! Not one of my favorite things but I’ll eat it to make my hair
    stronger and healthier. Thanks for the info!! Kudos! New subbie. 

  6. Maryanne Mak

    Hi Red…I really love this recipe and have been using the smoothie as a
    meal replacement daily for shedding 7 lbs. I’ve accumulated since
    Christmas. So far, I’ve lost 2 pounds in two weeks. Thanks you kindly for
    sharing. ps. The solution for my thinning hair is still a work in
    progress…shall stay with it and report in a few months. Maryanne

  7. Luigi Moore

    How many times a day or week should you drink this? 

  8. rainbowmocasin1

    Wooow youre an excellent teacher !! I loved the video ! Go head phenomenal
    woman ! Ill be making mine everyday ! Thanks !

  9. KalHimself

    Ty for video! My question is how much of each ingredient would you use?
    Would there happen to be a list uploaded somewhere?

  10. AndieWand MitDir

    Are there people who tried this and got good results? Are there any

  11. wtf, i just did that and drank 3 glasses and my hair is thick as
    shit…thank you so much…

  12. el flesh

    Does anyone have an idea of amounts per ingredient for this? Has anyone

  13. Chrissy B

    Thanks Red!!!This looks really healthy and helpful altogether. I am going
    to try drinking this morning and night while using the herbal hair system.
    I am soo excited!!!

  14. Bashbashment

    What’s the herb that you mentioned starting with S…’Sol something..?
    Please spell it for me so I can go buy it !!!….Thanks

    Great video. Thanks for posting !!!!

  15. Evan Herbert

    the recipe notes call for orange juice and almond milk at the end. is it
    both or either of those ingredients?!?!? 

  16. Palmetto Guard

    Thank you for the excellent video

  17. silkhead44

    make sure the strawberries are organic…they are sprayed heavily with

  18. Valerie M

    I also wanted to know how long before you start seeing results? Andbis
    there an area for the full recipe, liquids and everything else, please? I
    am a 23 yr old female and my doctor said I have male pattern baldness. I
    have bald spots on both sides of my head at my temples and it has
    progressed so fast. I’m on sprinolactone to keep the hair I do have and she
    also put me on mens rogaine and gave me biotin but I feel it may not work..
    its been almost a month and I don’t see new hair growth. I’m really
    stressed and depressed that this is happening to me. I have 2 little girls
    and I don’t want them to see me like this either if it progresses even
    more. I a eager to try this smoothie and bought most of the ingredients
    already. Do u think it will work for my case having the bald spots where
    they are? Will iy generate new hair growth in the bald spot areas?

  19. wendy stowe

    Can you pm me the recipe to this? How much Of each to make a drink?