HAIR Loss Support Please?

Concern by Lexi: HAIR Reduction Help Please?
I’m only eighteen calendar year old and I really feel like my hair is falling out at an incredibly fast rate. In the shower, I’m afraid to lather due to the fact a total bunch of hair falls out. I used to have incredibly thick hair and now it is so skinny and brittle. I rarely set any products in my hair and straighten in moderately, though this has never ever been a dilemma. I believe it might be a hormonal imbalance, simply because at 18, my menstrual cycle even now is not regulated. I get it each and every three months, occasionally two, and I 1st obtained it at 16. It need to be regulated now. My medical professional suggested that I go on start control capsules but I know that a side effect of the tablet is hair reduction. Would the tablets, in my case, cease hair decline since it’s hormonally related in the 1st location. I am not below any tension but shedding my hair is certainly creating me fear which is counter-productive.

Im not sure if this is associated, but my scalp is also “grainy.” When I scratch it, I can truly feel sand like particles. Each my physician and my mom consider i’m a hypochondriac but i know for Certain that i am going through rapid hair loss. I will go for blood tests this coming saturday but in the meantime I would really appreciate some perception…..I do not want to be bald by the age of 25 =/
I also not too long ago commenced having Biotin pills which are intended to be excellent for good pores and skin and nails but it will not look to be aiding me…
Like i mentioned, I do not straighten it way too a lot. And as soon as I realized I was shedding hair, I stopped straightening but my hair continues to drop out.

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you are suppose to shed a lot of hair

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  1. εℓєєηα ♥

    Hmm. Try a specific shampoo that will help your hair to prevent hair loss.
    Its just probably your hair doesnt have enough vitamin.
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  2. Don’t worry! When I was about 18 I had a lot of hair falling out in the shower, brushing my hair, putting it in a pony tail- a bunch of hair would come out. You say that you aren’t under stress but you may be under enough to cause hair loss. This could also be related to a diet, I was eating terrible college cafeteria food and stressing over school. I ended up going on the pill and my hair loss stopped but I don’t think they were related- but who knows! Whatever it was, my hair stopped falling out once I came home and started eating better and being more active again. Good luck and in the mean time do what you can to relax!

  3. Athena Grauer

    STOP STRAIGHTENING YOUR HAIR WHEN YOU ARE LOOSING HAIR THAT MAKES IT MORE UNHEALTHY AND PRONE TO FALL OUT!!! What you could use is horse shampoo and conditioner. My best friend’s sister was loosing a lot of hair and then she started using it and it progressively makes it grow, thicker and shiner and healthier. When you sleep wrap your hair in a bandana. When you brush use a WIDE TOOTH COMB and bend at the waist so your upside down and brush from root to tip. it will help spread your hair’s natural oils and naturally help it. Restrain from putting anything in your hair including hair products and clips and hair ties. What you can use is a leave in conditioner! Hope I helped!
    _Athena Rae

  4. Hi Lexi,

    I think you’re already taking the first step in seeing a doctor and getting blood work to check hormone levels because hormonal imbalances are a well-known cause of hair loss in men and women; the birth control may help regulate it but again, check with your doctor first before taking them. Regarding your scalp, I would first try some moisturizing shampoo or perhaps apply natural oils to your scalp like rosemary or basil, which are known to help maintain healthy hair and repair some damage.

  5. Daniel Hosker

    It could be imbalanced Hormones, what ever it is see a doctor.

  6. Leanne Vaughn

    Hair Loss Products That Work Best

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