HAIR loss?

Issue by Cryss <3: HAIR loss?
okay, so I am 16, but when I brush my hair in the morning or wash my hair at evening or just merely comb it w/ my fingers, hair commences to drop out. Ought to I be anxious? Ought to I see a doctor?

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consume significantly less alcoholic beverages

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  1. I would talk to your doctor because sometimes hair loss can be a symptom of some underlying disease. Like i have hypothyroidism and PCOS both cause hair loss. I have been lucky in that area though because I never had that problem, but I thought I should mention it.

  2. Will'o The Wisp

    normal, everyone loses hair, your hair is just longer so you notice it more. weather changes and stress can make it fall out more often though.

  3. The Pet Nanny

    that happened to me.. I had a bad thyroid.. once I got it in control it stopped

  4. That happens to me also. It is nothing to be worried about, it happens to everyone. Also I do not know the weather where you live, but here it is starting to get warmer and then hair naturally falls out. It is just a normal thing that the body does to prepare for the warm weather. Do not sweat it.

  5. Remember To Breathe!

    I started losing my hair at around 19 or 20. I went to the dermatologist to see if there could be any hormonal/illness issues, but it turns out it was just early female pattern baldness. Both my parents are COMPLETELY bald (mom too) so it was compounded in my genes and I started young.

    If it’s pattern baldness, the hair loss will mostly be from the top, but the sides will be thicker (just like a bald man.) If it’s a systemic problem it may be from all over the scalp. See a dermatologist if you’re not sure! Whenever I can afford it, I’m going to get transplantation surgery to move some of the hairs on the side to the top…I hope it works!

  6. usa4life23

    I would suggest going to the doctors if I were you. It could be something small like you need to take more vitamins or it could be another more serious condition which could be cured a lot easier if you get it treated sooner. The longer you go on loosing hair th longer it will take to grow back so make sure to see a doctor soon. Good luck.

  7. Hair loss is caused by many reasons such as malnutrition, illness, tension and other health problems.It is normal to shed some hair each day as part of a cycle of growing new hairs and loosing some. Badly damaged hair breaks at the scalp. Check out for more info.

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