1. Beauty is more than hair deep.
    Anyway, one of my favorite poems by Emerson is “Give All to Love.” The
    whole poem develops the theme encapsulated in the final verse, teaching how
    skin-deep loss is compensated by soul-deep gain:

    Though thou loved her as thyself,
    As a self of purer clay,
    Tho’ her parting dims the day,
    Stealing grace from all alive,
    Heartily know,
    When half-gods go,
    The gods arrive.

    “Her” in this case can refer to one’s hair. “Purer clay” to body image.
    Loss of it dimming the day or the mirror, and robbing one of beauty
    (“grace”). Yet, in the end, when the “half God” of one’s hair goes, the
    real gods arrive (name these as you will).

  2. The expression:”Oh, the irony!” has never been more appropriate to
    describe any other situation than the one in this video.

  3. hospitalcakewalk

    I started to go bald, handfuls of hair just falling out when i was just
    sitting down, when i was 27. It was mostly on my right side. When a guy i
    knew called me out on it i had enough. I shaved the right side of my head.
    Very little hair grows there, near the ear and in patches so i shave it
    often but i don’t care if people see it. I’ve had so many people comment on
    how i could shave it off and why i would want to do that that i feel like
    just tattooing over it. People can be jerks. Women are beautiful with or
    without hair. 

  4. Nobody should ever lose their hair including guys. I hope one day when
    they’ve perfected genetic engineering that they can finally eliminate all
    genes that cause alopecia from the human gene pool. 

  5. Ruby Quintero

    This just made me feel so much better..i have stage 4 breast cancer and i
    finally shaved my head bald an it is a big relief now…i didnt have the
    courage before to have it off but i finally did cause it hurt so much to
    see it come out im clumps…now i have been trying to do wigs but i cant
    seem to find the right one..and the ladies there at the wig store are
    always not around so its a little difficult on how to put on my and make it
    stay on cause it just starts to slide up after awhile…ugh its so annoying
    trying this by myself….

  6. Adlin Sukhwani

    I also have alopicia areata and I met Goergia in person she’s a buetiful
    person I met her at a alopicia camp alopiciapalooza and alopicia isn’t bed
    at all

  7. Nstasha Jones

    Thanks so much for that inspiring…And my God continue to bless you!!

  8. Luciana Morais

    This is amazing. As someone losing her hair, I needed to see this today.

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  11. Rajat Ukey

    even as bald she looks really beautiful….!!! maybe cause shes beautiful
    from inside ,,,lets hope ppl value that…!

  12. Paul ian atanacio

    i also have alopecia and i really like this video.