hair reduction aid?

Concern by Lisa D: hair loss aid?
im getting a hair decline issue… will having biotin supplementation help me obtain my hair back? will it cause hair to expand all above my physique or just my head?

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Reply by dr.marcovici
Biotin (vitamin B7) a cofactor in mitochondrial power transportation (i.e. the citric acid/Krebs cycle) has long been purported to supply benefit in dealing with hair decline. And while biotin may be helpful when incorporated into a therapy method, it has established less than productive when used as a monotherapy against sample hair loss.

Pointedly, a significant percentage of females enduring hair decline are vulnerable to the same androgenic cascade as guys. This means that the identical therapy options that are useful in the location of male hair reduction can potentially provide utility for females.

However, this is where the photo turns into slightly more intricate. Specific medications and substances that block the androgenic hormonal pathways and therefore blunt the connected hair loss can also precipitate feminizing side consequences this kind of as for case in point gynecomastia (breast enlargement). For obvious causes, this would be an unacceptable endpoint for most men.

This also explains why some anti-androgenic drugs these kinds of as flutamide, spironolactone and other people may possibly be affordable treatment method alternatives for a girl whereas they would be contraindicated in a man.

For any individual suffering hair reduction, an important initial stage is to arrive at a definitive analysis. Ideally, this is a step which should be carried out prior to initiating treatment method of any sort.

Ultimately, whatever remedies are considered ought to also be supported with reasonable medical and fundamental science info. While a number of treatment possibilities in opposition to sample hair reduction do exist, biotin, as a monotherapy from sample hair decline, does not satisfy the proven-efficacy obstacle.


Geno Marcovici, Ph.D.
Main Scientific Officer

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