Hair reduction and only seventeen several years aged! You should Help!!!?

Query by : Hair decline and only seventeen a long time aged! Remember to Help!!!?
I’m in significant determined need to have of help. I am only seventeen several years old and I am enduring hair loss. Though it isn’t really a great deal I could still see some spots at the front of my head. It is not fast hairloss but when strands of hair fall off they drop with the root (tiny white piece connected to hair). I will not want to be bald at the age of seventeen! Somebody remember to help me!!

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coconut oil

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  1. Tayylor Urrr

    ok ok first of all eat a LOT OF STEAK! and burgers get as much meat as you can.Try to distract from your hair.Use no heat whatsoever and get a shampoo and conditoner to strengthen your hair!

  2. Stephanie

    youll be fine dont worry its normal to loose 80-100 hairs a day. the little white thing on top is called medula. its what they ure to determine your DNA. dont worry about it.

  3. sandynicole320

    Hair loss is normal if it isn’t excessive… But if you’re noticing spots at the front of your head then you might be experiencing it already. Thing is, it’s mostly genetics so you might wanna go to the dermatologist to get your scalp checked. Also, any history of baldness in your immediate family?

  4. Vectra Hj

    had the same problem few years ago and used a mix of essential oils, it is a kind of gel that you massage into your scalp and leave all night, you do that once a week and it stops your hair loss in few weeks and at yoyr age you can regrow new hair, my hair got thicker than it was, i also take brewers yeast everyday, it is a vitamin B supplement.
    dont listen to eating meat so much, as by trying to fix your hair you will get cholesterol.

  5. try {thicker hair} from you can sk for a free sample
    i tried it 8 months ago and it stoped hair loss straight away, and it’s natural so risk free.

    Hope it helps