Hair reduction because of to skin situation?

Question by Scott H: Hair loss thanks to pores and skin issue?
Is there any skin relevant problems/fungus that could lead to hair reduction? I have obtained quite bad dandruff (or thats what I assume it is) that has lasted for about four-five months. I shampoo with head and shoulders two times a day and I nevertheless can not get rid of it. I’ve also discovered that my hair has thinned a TON in the exact same time time period that I have had the dandruff. Has anybody heard of anything at all that could cause this? I recognize its almost certainly male sample baldness (I’m 17) but I believed I would just check and see.
I also recognize that my head receives itchy when I function out or sweat…but I don’t have lice….ha

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Response by Amanda S
Psoriasis can. I have it and lose my hair all the time. If you “dandruff” is in horn shaped scales, it is Psoriasis. Attempt employing a tar primarily based therapy like T-Gel. This shampoo smells like tar but it functions. If this isn’t going to assist, try looking at a skin doctor.

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  1. Mukunda M

    We are seeing a hair loss epidemic in both males and females and its occurring at ever younger ages – as young as 14 and 15. Principal cause of problem is harmful shampoos and equally harmful medicated shampoos and medications which we then use to correct problem! Also washing too often is another cause. Do a Google search “Daily hair washing harmful?” you will see hair specialists and drs that tell you this. Also compounding problem is use of countless other hazardous chemical filled products. I found this NATURAL, safe, permanent and low cost treatment that gives remarkable results – it stops the loss and cures the dandruff. Scalp needs stimulation to clear blocked hair ducts, remove dead follicles so it can start producing strong, well anchored thicker hair. Massage with natural oils, olive oil is excellent, and then brush vigorously(best with a short bristled palm held brush) so you feel it stimulating scalp (25 /35 strokes or more) A little shedding and some breakage occurs but only to begin with – quickly stops as hair gets anchored and stronger. It will also force new growth overtime (expect to see in about 2 months) Do at night and sleep with it that way. Keep up treatment and DONĀ“T BE AFRAID OF LOSING NEW GROWING HAIRS – THEY WILL RE-APPEAR EVEN STRONGER. My hair completely recovered – absolutely no more loss and definite new growth. Maintain a regular brushing and oiling routine and wash infrequently – find alternatives to washing with a web search. Also do a web search “Shampoos harmful?” Many contain sodium laurel sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate and propylene glycol, all of which are harmful. First two are dangerous and both damage hair follicles and cause hair loss.They also harm eyes. The eye stinging you get is telling you that. Fetuses subjected to these substances do not develop functioning eyes, and both can cause cataracts in adults. Propylene glycol – antifreeze – is a known skin irritant and is thought to cause mouth ulcers. It also damages the kidneys and liver. Do a web search for safe products for hair and skin.

    SOURCE(S): 20 +years of research and self experimentation using natural treatments to correct skin, hair and scalp disorders