Hair reduction in a young, healthier girl?

Issue by Anonymous: Hair decline in a younger, healthier female?
In excess of the past 8 months or so I have seen that when i bathe, my hair will come out when I am washing it. Not in clumps, or something, but all in excess of. Then when I brush it even more arrives out. It’s gotten very significantly thinner, no bald patches, just thinner. It is about 50 percent as thick as it utilized to be. I know I require to see a medical doctor, but I am reduced on cash and am attempting to figure out what may well be triggering it, and weather or not theres something i can do at property. I am 24 a long time old, I have two youngsters age 2 1/2 and 5. I consider myself to be in rather great wellness, though I did have gallstones about 3 many years ago. You should support me!

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Reply by Chelsea
GO TO A Medical professional. My cousin had the same thing come about to her & she ended up possessing Alopecia areata and she is bald and has no hair on her body & it is never ever likely to grow back.

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