Hair reduction question? Help!?

Question by Patrick: Hair reduction issue? Help!?
I am 19 years previous, and I have a receding hair line. Not a slight little one particular, its a genuinely huge one. Like truly obvious. I actually dislike living with it, and I am usually the only 1 out of all my friends who have it. I had this hairline at any time given that like 8th grade, and it actually hurts to see myself every day, understanding that there’s very small I can do about it. My parents are not very supportive, so I am making an attempt to conserve up cash and do it myself.

My query is, how can I fix this hairline? I don’t like any of the BS hair loss product or anything, or any variety of gel that you use on your head. I been doing this for many years, and I see no progress, I truly feel like im in fact shedding hair faster than not.

What kind of surgeries are there for hair reduction? I know there is hair transplantation. But I know that in buy to resolve the entrance of my head, I will have to sacrifice a chuck from the back of my head to exchange that. This also expenses alot as well, but I will do anything at all to get it to in which I want it to be.

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try out seeking at sally beauty 🙂 they ought to have things there

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  1. Help IncK

    I bet this is extremely important to you and you should do your hair transplant as soon you can afford this procedure. Im sure that you have tried so many things for your hair to grow…but remember that if you try some products they may not go well together and you can even make it worse.

    I recommend you having a consultation with any hair restoration Surgeon and see if he can take payments or reduce the price. ( This guys do exist)

    The most important thing to do is to be happy in your life and if this is stopping you from being happy with yourself…Go for it ! Before you life pass you By 🙂

    Be happy and Wish you the best

  2. Rogaine is good. Beyond that nothing much except Bosley Medical.

  3. I know you said no creams etc.. But rogain does not work. Look into Nioxin products. Though if it is inherited on your moms side, then I would reccomend Bosley.