HAIR Reduction? What to do about it?

Question by cherrrrrrry.: HAIR Decline? What to do about it?
‘m sixteen many years previous, and a female. my hair is shoulder duration. I wash my hair 3 occasions a 7 days, and did not striaghten my hair for one thirty day period and never use any substances on my hair. even so my hair is falling out like insane! if i touch it i just see pieces of my hair on my hand! and my hair is getting shorter! before it was move my shoulder now its the exact same duration as my shoulder and i havent even minimize it!
What is leading to my hair decline and what must i do? I am pondering about looking at the doctor, any other tips?

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Reply by ryry
Ok the primary point to do is see a Specialist like a Physician or go to a nearby salon or hair cutters they wil know what is likely on an they may well suggest a particular shampoo good luck

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  1. Melissa G

    It’s called Nixion. Pretty pricey but if used properly will thicken hair and depending on you situation could help hair grow back. It’s only found at professional salon or an Ulta Beauty.