hair reduction??!?

Question by Lo Suggest Aya milnay dobara: hair loss??!?
for about 4 months now alot a lot more hair have been falling out i imagined it was since i straightened my hair each working day but i havent straightened it or six months now and its even now falling out my mum said its just pure i can see short hairs but i dont no it thats new hair or the place my hair has broken. when i comb my hair i decline like thirty hairs and in the shower about twenty i want it to halt its irritating having hair all above my outfits im feel about acquiring a hair mask profound conditioner will that make a difference?
how can i cease my hair falling out?
but my frnd propose me this site
Does any one consider this?

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Solution by tomorjerry
No not experimented with it. Terribly broken hair breaks at the scalp. Check out out for much more information.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Straightening hair can cause hair loss, but it is good that you’ve stopped; if this was the cause, you should see positive results soon. If you’re noticing about 50 hairs then this sounds normal to me. I have actually experienced hair loss and I was losing a lot more than that! I saw a trichologist who has recitified (hopefully for good!) the problem. She said that hair loss of about 70 hairs a day is normal. Although alot of websites say that between 100-150 a day is normal.

    Hopefully your hair is fine but seeing a trichologist might put your mind at ease, and if there is a problem then it’s better to start with solutions right away. Just make sure you see a respected trichologist and don’t end up spending loads on treatments that might not even work.
    Good luck and try not to worry, hair loss won’t be as noticable as you think!

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