Hair reduction?whats the greatest selection?

Question by rockerxxxxxx: Hair decline?whats the greatest option?

i am 26 yrs previous…i have presently began the male pattern baldness way back n i mundergoing its treatment method too for an yr or so but the initiatives are in vain.

i would like to what is the ideal suited choice for hair transplant i indicate to get again hair again on head….

hair transplant,hair weaving,grafting…i dont know if they are 1 or the same…any more options obtainable?

which a single is the very best,less pricey,much less time getting.
if achievable do enable me know the expense of the thinggy.


p.s:- if attainable would love to get some guidance from a skin doctor or hair professional.

tnx anyways to all who’ll reply 🙂

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Response by Monoi
transplant is most efficient

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  1. Shave them all if u have the right shape of head

  2. A remedy from Edgar Cayce is to put USED coffee grinds on the scalp.. It’s worth a shot.. beats spending thousands of dollars.

  3. bekahdale

    There is a new brush out that promotes new hair growth. I believe there is some type of laser technology or something. The problem with implants is they are visible…you care see the pore’s.

  4. Baby Dolls

    ~My advise is the most simple, and will cost you nothing. You’re a man with male pattern baldness, get used to it.
    BTW, please use spell check, it makes it much easier for the reader.~