Hair Thinning & Hair Missing?

Issue by Livia: Hair Thinning & Hair Lost?
My aunt is only 37 and previously, her hair is thinning, and she is getting rid of a lot of hair. This has been going for as prolonged as I can keep in mind, and it hurts to see so much bald spots on her. I know this does not operate in the household simply because equally her mother and father are practically sixty and even now have heaps of normal, thick hair and when she was younger, she also, experienced tons of hair.

Does any person know what she can do (like specified treatment options) to cease this from occurring or even minimize the hair loss other than transplants or something way too more than the top?

Thank you so significantly, everyone.

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Answer by Jessica
nicely,she can purchase special shampoo that will help hair expand again, some individuals just free hair earlier than other people…my uncle dropped hair at 21. its just like genetics. but yeah, specific shampoo works, it labored on my dad

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  1. caria_inniss

    As women age their body actually produces small amounts of testosterone. Men produce testosterone and that is why they go bald,as you see some men have more hair loss then others but it is all due to testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone associated with balding and thinning hair. She could see a naturalist,herbalist,or her ob/gyn and see about possible hormone therapy.Those hair loss kits they sell at the drug store do work,but they cost alot,and as soon as you stop using them the hair falls out again.There is a product called Nioxin,my mom uses it on some of her clients and it works.You have to purchase it from a hair dresser,but i know they will charge you retail for it.If you like or are ever interested i could probably get you the company phone number from my mom,that way you could maybe call them and get it for less.I am not sure of the prices but you could look up the it.NIOXIN

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