1. +Homeveda – Home Remedies for You! Thaks Mam
    I tried Neem leaves idea and getrid off dandruff and hairloss.
    Thank u very much……….
    Is there any solution to regrow hair on bald patches ?

  2. anusha anu

    can i use shampoo remedy 2 how long ican use

  3. madhurima mukherjee

    Can you please share hair care tips for toddlers? My daughter is 4 yrs old
    and her hair is very thin……I hv tried your tips on my hair and the
    results are amazing, so I would request you to share some tips for my
    daughter also .

  4. George Maddoxo

    I purchased *superhairfood hair loss product* about three weeks ago. Upon
    first using it, I wasn’t impressed. Then, during the second week of use, I
    began noticing a marked improvement. Not only in terms of hair loss
    prevention but in bona fide hair growth. Count me as one happy customer who
    has found his shampoo of choice. 

  5. hashim hash

    hi homeveda, how amla juice become red colur? 

  6. my daughter is 11 yrs old. how should i take care of her hair. plz guide me
    which shampoo she should use and which hair oil is good for her age

  7. Lucy Spears

    Before attempting any useless ointment, you have to consider some natural
    treatment for hair loss

  8. Angela M Kranz

    You possibly can re-grow your own hair naturally in 6 months, without waste
    tons of money for surgery & costly treatment

  9. bubblegum beagle

    what do you call a hairy monkey with two lips?
    A vagi…..you know

  10. Sandra G. Barboza

    You possibly can re-grow your own hair in a natural way in 6 months,
    without spend a lot of money for surgery & expensive treatment

  11. Kevin Mann

    “For some, hair loss can be a hereditary condition.”

    That is actually how the overwhelming majority of hair loss sufferers lose