…….hAIRLOSS Treatment method?

Query by : …….hAIRLOSS Treatment method?
My mom is starting to get a number of truly thin places. I experienced been getting her use Nioxin since I am extremely common with the good results charge, but it is NOT helping her. I do not want ther making use of chemical substances that enter your blood stream via the scalp AKA: Rogaine and so on.
You should ONLY solutions from individuals who are using Said products for hair decline…………..I can google like anyone else. what I need to have is Actual input from hair decline Ladies. Thanks

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Do the hair transplant treatment, it isn’t really only for gentlemen and it has a very large good results fee.

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  1. I only have second-hand experience with this problem. About a year ago my sister began having problems with thinning hair. She, too, used nioxin, and tried an herbal supplement containing black cohosh. Neither helped.

    Eventually, she found that it was caused by a medication she was taking, a neuroleptic that is used for epilepsy and pain management. With the help of her doc, she switched to a new one, and gradually the problem went away.

    So, before your mom invests in other hair growing treatments, if she is taking any medications, it might be good to have her check with her doctor and pharmacist, and look them up yourself at http://www.rxlist.com (this is my personal favorite for finding out about rarer side effects, and my sister and I used this a lot to work out her problems). If it does turn out to be a med, you could be not only stopping her hair loss, but also other damage the drug could be doing.

    Best to you and your mom.

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