Has any individual used IHT nine hair loss shampoo?

Question by : Has any individual employed IHT nine hair loss shampoo?
I have been searching for a hair decline answer and discovered this IHT9 shampoo for hair decline and hair expansion. I want to know if it works for douleur pastern hair reduction and baldness. They claim it to be Organic and Ayurvedic.

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I have been making use of IHT 9 as my regular hair care shampoo virtually given that last 2 years. I had been experiencing serious hair reduction at that stage of time and IHT9 stopped it within pair of weeks. The reality that this shampoo is made up of only all-natural herbs prompted me to correct this as my typical shampoo. Now, all of us do demand a shampoo and since it does not have any severe chemical it is a wise notion to use IHT nine. As far as douleur pattern baldness is anxious, IHT nine has Fenugreek as one the nine Ayurvedic ingredients. Fenugreek has advantageous effects on hair development, lustre and health. Fenugreek is imagined to function by increasing the dilation of blood vessels to the scalp, thereby enhancing blood circulation and nutrient offer to this place. Minoxidil also functions in the very same way for male pattern baldness problem.

Given that, IHT9 does not have chemicals – it is safe and without having side effects.

One level that all of us ought to hold in mind that any therapeutic product’s efficacy on all men and women can not be identical. So you can use it for pair of times (not big funds needed) and in this period of time you would recognize if it satisfies you!

The natural elements (also utilized in IHT nine shampoo), their motion and advantages are defined in this webpage:


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  1. guillermo r

    nop, another scam. there only two drugs that applying as shampoo works
    1) Ketoconazole ( nizoral shampoo )
    2) Zinc pyritione ( head and shoulder )
    Between this two the nizoral is much more effective, you can check it on pubmed.gov for the studies done in both to treat hair loss ( male pattern baldness )

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