Has any ladies here experienced hair loss?

Question by Shy: Has any females listed here experienced hair decline?
My buddy is experiencing hair loss and she doesn’t know why. She is thirty a long time aged. Her hair is coming out in handfuls. Any ideas?

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Solution by Lex
Possibly it is due to the fact of the heat because i no mine comes out alot trigger of the warmth but not in handfuls. she could have a tumor which is creating her to unfastened alot of hair.but who is aware of, have her go to the physician

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  1. i’d say it’s time to see a doctor…

    bulimia can cause hair loss, but i think you would have mentioned that. otherwise…i dont know. sorry. good luck to her.

  2. ILuvAnimals

    Yes, I have. When I had an eating disorder years ago (anorexia), my hair fell out in clumps. My hair became very thin and started receding. Your friend could be underweight and/or have an eating disorder. Check out the below sites for more reasons why your friend is experiencing hair loss:






  3. Im 15 and my hair falls out alot but mine is from high heat of straghtening it…could that be hers also?

  4. Breakfast At Rhiannon's

    she may have alopecia. or she could be really stressed out. stress can be a major cause of hair loss.

  5. There are a lot of causes why sudden hair loss occurs.
    1. Poor nutrition
    2. Medication
    3. Hormonal Changes
    4. Hair Treatments
    5. Stress
    6. Diseases like diabetes
    She should see a doctor as soon as possible to determine what really is causing her hair loss. As early as possible, it is better to detect the cause so that treatment can still be made available.

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