Has any person ever used Treatment G merchandise for thinning hair?

Question by ilovemike310: Has anybody at any time used Treatment G goods for thinning hair?
And if so did they assist? I’m only twenty five and i have been shedding a good deal of hair more than the previous calendar year and my hair was presently thin to commence with. I just bought Treatment G’s starter kit and was questioning if it labored for halting extreme hair decline for anybody?

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Response by sparkleshoes4948
Sorry this is a terrible solution but, no, no I have not.

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  1. No, i have not used it..but i think it is not the product you should use for hair loss instead use provillus they give free trial, complete satisfaction guarantee.

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  2. Yes, I have and so has my wife, who was recommended by her hair stylist. It has made a huge difference. She first tried the starter kit just like you (also because of the 90 day guarantee) and is now a big fan. She has been using the products for nearly 1 1/2 years now. She now also uses the hairspray and takes the vitamins.