Has anybody gotten any very good outcomes with zenagen hair reduction shampoo?

Query by : Has anybody gotten any excellent final results with zenagen hair loss shampoo?
Is it a scam or does it function?

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Solution by Balaji g
Achieved the tender age of twenty five and started out to notice far more hair in the sink vs my head. Its not bad but im paranoid so I am doing all I can do. Got Minoxidil and Some Biotin and making an attempt greater to watch what I am ingesting (some say it can impact wellness of your hair just like any other portion of your human body. There is a product I was proposed by household good friend medical professional, who said it is manufacturer new shampoo for hair reduction and he was all fired up due to the fact it performs by way of a various mechanism referred to as Zenagen (he didnt even know if it was released however, (this was months back, just Google “Zenagen” and the internet site was dwell when I ordered a bottle). Any person used this stuff however? I obtained bottle a final week and wanted to know comments. So far so very good, but ive only utilized it a few occasions. Thanks

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  1. Zenagen has only been around for 4 months (and only commercially available for 2 months), which would make the above claim by Dr. Lisa Minalto that her husband used it for “6 Month Use” is impossible and therefore probably Something tells me “cough cough” she may not really be a “doctor” but possibly a yahoo answers spam queen? I have no idea if the product works or not, but I do know how use the information super highway to research simple facts like when a product was launched.

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