Has anyone ever been taken care of for hair loss with acupuncture?

Question by FRANKIE G: Has anybody at any time been taken care of for hair decline with acupuncture?
I’m a 28 year outdated male and my hairline is currently receding.
I am attempting to stay away from making use of chemicals to treat it if at all achievable.
Has anybody had acupuncture carried out for hair reduction? If you have, did it assist, make it worse or do practically nothing at all?
Please share your tales with me. I would actually appreciate it.

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Answer by Jeff
Use Rogaine – that things truly works.

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    Here a few simple home remedies which can be tried at home to control hair fall.

    1.Rinse your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea this helps hair grow..

    2. A medicine rich in sulfur is also recommended as sulfur plays an important part in the structure of the hair.

    3. Massage with olive oil before going to bed at night and next morning, wash off the hair gently..

    4. To treat hair loss apply a little lemon juice with some black tea.Massage well and shampoo.

    5. Beat two eggs,and add two tablespoons of water to it. Rinse hair and pour the egg mixture over the hair.Massage the scalp well and leave for 10 minutes.Then wash it.

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