Has anyone listed here actually had Alopecia Areata? Have you recovered entirely?

Question by Nerdfighter: Has anybody below at any time experienced Alopecia Areata? Have you recovered entirely?
I have recently been identified with it.

Fortunately, it’s primarily in the back again wherever I can address it for the timebeing. It truly is gotten actually huge, however, and I feel its spreading to the front. My medical professional prescribed Triamcinoline and I am now taking Centrum (which is a vitamin).

Has anyone listed here ever dealt with Alopecia Areata, and have you recovered? It’s actually taking a huge toll on me, being a teenaged girl and all.

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Response by chloe
i have it, your a teenage lady correct? im 15 and iv had it considering that i was 2.
i employed to have it really negative, and i utilized to dress in a wig and every little thing “/ then i wore banadanas, then it began to get much better,

i employed to go to the healthcare facility 3 occasions a week, when i was about ten. and they put ointment on my patches and then i sat in a tanning machine factor for 5 minutes and following about six months of this my hair commenced to increase again a lot more and a lot more. then they stopped it cos i received also previous “/ and just gave me some ointment as an alternative.

then i arrived at calendar year 7, about twelve i believe and my hair experienced nearly all grown back again appart sort a couple of odd patches listed here and there, then when i got to 14, it obtained worse yet again, i experienced loads of very small patches dotted all close to my head, and we held going to the healthcare facility and finding more ointment but it didnt look to perform, then i examine on a web site that zinc tablets helped a little girl to get far better so i acquired some of them, from boots and my hair started to get greater,

i dont know if it was the tablets or what, but it just commenced to get much better and was growing hundreds every week. mum stated i was proberly just planning by way of a phase where it acquired even worse but i dont know. i hope this aids, i havent fully recovered but i only have 2 clear patches now 🙂

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