has anyone right here experienced treatment method for alopecia areata? what remedies/items did u have?

Problem by Rocker Dudette: has any individual right here experienced treatment for alopecia areata? what therapies/products did u have?
ive got 1 big bald place guiding my ear, for two months now. im making use of two merchandise from svenson international. im getting biotin 300mcg and soya milk. my hair fall now is around thirty strands for every day, but before it was like a hundred per day. a person suggestions me to take night primrose oil. what can u say abt this? does any person listed here purchased a shampoo which aided them get thicker hair and stopped the hairfall? what manufacturer?

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Solution by Jaelee S
I have not utilised everything but I have worked in a clinic for 7 many years…They have a drug known as propecia out appropriate now that can help with your problem…You have to have a doctor’s prescription to obtain it although…

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