Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis experienced regrowth with topical immunotherapy?

Concern by Tom: Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis had regrowth with topical immunotherapy?
Im 16 and im having topical immunotherapy and its in fact looking good. The hair follicles have opened on the entrance of my head and on odd elements all more than my scalp, im obtaining small very small hairs popping by way of in teams of about 5 all above my head. I was wondering if anyone else has Alopecia Universalis and if this is looking excellent, thanks guys

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Answer by Andy C
That is great obtaining your hair regrow again i am a alopeia universalis undergo and have tried using a lot of therapies but absolutely nothing seems to be working i have this situation for four many years now and not that i like it but i deal with it but i’m a ladies who has this problem. You should inform me how extended you have experienced it and notify my how long has the treatment you have been using it. Hope you all the greatest and achievement.

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