Have a bald location under my chin, what could this be a result in of?

Question by joey jo jo: Have a bald spot under my chin, what could this be a trigger of?
start it noticing a nickle dimensions bald location beneath my chin about a thirty day period outdated, the bald area is truly easy, will it increase back again?

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Solution by wizzy
May possibly be Alopecia Areata Barbae – an autoimmune ailment. It triggers bald spot that can distribute to the whole scalp and sometimes even the whole human body. Tension has been recognized to be the major trigger.

For a begin you can examine with the pictures in www.curespotbaldness.com. Pursuing this, a pores and skin biopsy should be carried out by a trained health-related medical doctor or a skin doctor. This is the very best way to diagnose and affirm. It will present any irregular focus of T-cells (immune cells) at the affected area.

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