Have you ever heard of kidney failure from an allergic reaction to a shampoo?

Concern by Nifermom2_2: Have you ever read of kidney failure from an allergic response to a shampoo?
We went to the Vet these days with our ten thirty day period old West Highland Terrier. She dropped some of her hair on her hind legs. We utilized a new shampoo by Hartz to handle her for Fleas ticks all your regular things. This was a new brand for us cant keep in mind what we utilized prior to.

So she wasn’t acting herself and with the hair decline we made the decision to just take her. They explained she experienced an allergic response to the shampoo. And they gave her some medication and stated we need to give her ten mg of pepcid ac for upset stomach.

So we get home and they get in touch with, her blood operate came back and she is obtaining kidney failure. WHAT?! Can an allergic reaction trigger kidney failure, I employed the shampoo on her about a week ago. I am so puzzled. Any enter on anything you have heard of or witnessed initial hand would be wonderful.
She has eaten nothing but pedigree and her mothers milk of course considering that she was born. And I am quite sure that it just isn’t from that since that foodstuff manufacturer wasn’t recalled.
She is at the Vet we took her to the emergency medical center as shortly as we received the mobile phone get in touch with. She is on an IV and we will choose her up in the morning. And get her to our standard Vet who will then do blood assessments to see her development.

The Vet suggests she thinks that it was the hartz shampoo. She had a circumstance of this a thirty day period in the past she explained. When we walked in with her she explained did you use Hartz on her by any possibility simply because she seems just like pet X did.

She claims that the shampoo is harsh ample that it will get in to their blood stream. On some canine not all relying on breed and a whole lot of other factors.

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Answer by Lolita
Why will not you use the shampoo on your own hair and see what occurs?

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  1. Organic Dog

    I would probably point to your food as a source of kidney failure, but would not rule out the Hartz product. There are very harsh chemicals in most grocery/mass pet products.

  2. I really can’t see the kidney problem coming from a shampoo reaction. Never heard of this. I have a feeling the two are unrelated. Some pups can be born with bad kidneys, or they can have problems from ingesting a toxic material. Infections can also hurt the kidneys. Some kidney problems can be treated and some can’t. You need to follow through with your vet to get to the bottom of it.

  3. When they first diagnosed her they didn’t have all the facts ie; blood work. Kidney failure is usually caused by poisoning, and the animal doesn’t have to ingest something to be poisoned…

  4. Indeed the shampoo can cause MANY problems. Hartz products have a horrible reputation. The shampoo was for fleas and ticks so it had chemicals and pesticides in it. These things can and do kill some dogs. I would have that bottle tested by an independant lab. Be sure to send a sample to a lab for testing to see just how much pesticide was in it. Do NOT send the bottle. You will need that if you should decide to sue Hartz.
    Never use over the counter pesticides on your animals. I will post a link to the trouble with Hartz as soon as I find it again. Bad stuff!

    People who try to make themselves feel better by feeding the crapiest foods and giving over the counter cheap chemicals to their dogs give thumbs down on answers because ignorance is bliss. They are to cheap to spend any money on their dogs health and well being then turn around and whine and complain and don’t understand what is wrong with their dogs.

  5. This is something to bring up with your vet, she will have info on any known issues with the product. Usually shampoos are harmless, but the flea killing product may cause reactions. Kidney failure has become a big issue with the pet food scandal, you may wish to check your food against the recall list to see if that is an issue. It is also possible the kidney failure is unrelated to the shampoo or food.

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