hello im only seventeen and im getting rid of so much hair at the front (male pattern bldness)?

Question by JuNz a: hello im only 17 and im shedding so much hair at the entrance (male pattern bldness)?
im losing hair and im only seventeen, is there any way that i can develop it back again? it is also getting thin and you can see via my hair and just before i used to have thick hair. im also getting rid of hair on my eyebrows so does that indicate everything?

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Answer by Jaide
That can be a symptom of polycystic ovarian illness, if you have any of the other signs and symptoms go see your gynocologist before long. You can google the complete information on it, but some of the other signs are: irregular durations, overweight, abnormal hair progress (these kinds of as on face or upper body) and pimples.

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