Help, HOW TO MAKE HAIR Develop Again?

Query by Hello there!: Aid, HOW TO MAKE HAIR Grow Back?
I’m anxious because i am 19 and douleur and i have hair thinning currently like it isn’t expanding as powerful as it employed to be. I went to the medical professionals but they mentioned its regular but i neglected to mention that i actually pulled it actually difficult ahead of with gel for ages just to fashion it right. I believe its traction alopecia sort of hair loss i have. The medical doctor said there was no treatment method but is there any shampoos that can aid my hair develop strong once more and it would keep on growin sturdy even i don’t use the shampoo right after?
What fruits/vegetables aid? and how frequently do i have to try to eat them? Thanks

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Reply by RainbowKid
eat healthy
situation your hair
use shampoo as normal
comb your hair when damp, dont brush it
stay away from heat styling
stay away from severe merchandise
stay away from dyes and perms
consider hair and nail supplements

excellent luck x

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