Help, I Require Advice ! Achievable Puppy Cruelty ?

Issue by Noel L: Assist, I Need Guidance ! Attainable Dog Cruelty ?
I have regretted bringing my friend with me to adopt my pet for over a calendar year now…She made a decision to take a pet out of the litter also 🙁 Her canine is a outside only canine with a auto for shelter – not open thoughts you he will take shelter below it ! The pound had been referred to as on many functions but there is nothing at all they can do simply because they put a crate in there back again place and clam is in a indoor dog … So a pet property is not required seemingly, Her dog impregnated her close friends canine who now has a litter of seven puppies if that had been not ample I went to see the puppies these days ( I am aiding them re-house the puppies.) To my shock when I visited the mother was coated in what appeared to be mange !!! She is in awful issue The woman claims she is taking her canine to the vet and they instructed her that the hair decline was a outcome of the being pregnant I may not be a vet but I am 90% confident the puppy had mange ! She also claimed her family members member was going to pour moter oil on the puppy ??? I have Knowledgeable her how Dangoruse and unlawful and cruel that is and she will not let him to do it anymore but the truth she consider it is genuinely scaring me !! Really should I deliver the Animal control into this ? I’m considering of having to pay for the therapy but she refuses to surrender the puppy If I pay out for all healthcare bills I want to be confident that the puppy will not be in a home that would allow point to get so bad ! The bad pet is nursing 7 puppies and is often itching !!! I never know what to do ! If the pound will take her they will Set down simply because of the breed ( Chow … ) This canine is a lover 🙂 And in no way satisfies the stereotype offered to chows I have no notion what to do in this circumstance, I will not want her to be killed but I also don’t want to see her experience ! Any guidance is welcome and appreciated !

She is lacking hair all over he entire body, Quite little hair is remaining presented a few month or so I forsee there getting none still left, And her skin is flacky ? With reduction of hair about her eyes, ears, again, Legs, below belly
I operate a rescue from my house and have no problem spending for the healthcare payments but only if she would concur to surrender the pet to our rescue on paper and she will not do so !

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Response by Cubby’s Mama
I believe you want to call the Humane Modern society or Animal Cruelty or an individual. That very poor puppy requirements suitable care.

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  1. Samantha G

    yes you can turn her into the cops that is animal cruelty. A dog with mange that is nursing puppies is just knocking on deaths door. CALL THE POLICE RIGHT AWAY. good luck

  2. ♥PomMom♥®™

    Since the dog now has a medical condition and puppies, you are likely to get a better response from Animal Control. You can remain anonymous, but definitely call. From what you have described, it does sound like mange. It wouldn’t surprise me if the poor dog also has heartworms.

  3. maybe if you don’t want to get animal control into this you could go to the vet and ask for medication for mange ( I think you would have to bring in a sample of the dogs skin if possible, ya know just sort of scrap it off, if you can) and then give it to the dog yourself because it sounds like you have Access right? If in a week it looks like things are getting worse you should look for someone or yourself who can care for it if animal control take her away. Also I would suggest that your friends get their pets spayed and neutered. I hope this helped a little and good luck I hope the dog gets help or better.

  4. muchas pooches rescue

    You can always call for a “wellness” check of suspected abuse.
    Have the address & name available for them as well.
    You amy ask that your name be kept confidential as well to avoid any bad feelings.
    A call alerts owners they are aware of the problem.They will likely be asked to produce vaccine records & city/county tags.If the animal goes untreated, they will also likely be notified the animal will be confiscated & perhaps a fine.Depends on the area & laws in your area.

  5. Crazy Horse

    I’m glad you’re the dog lover. Sounds like mange or ringworm. Some people just don’t give a damn about their dogs and puppies. She was irresponsible for not spaying her in the first place. If you really love this dog, call Animal Control and tell them about the situation. Also inform them that you would be more than happy to take the dog once removed from her home. Puppies go quickly, but a mange dog won’t.

    Try not to socialize with your “friend” anymore. You certainly don’t need her.

  6. destiny62

    Yes definitely call SD Animal Control:

    What would you do if this were a little child? You’d act immediately, yes?

    Unincorporated areas: (858) 694-3741
    Carlsbad: (760) 438-2312
    Del Mar: (858) 694-3741
    Encinitas: (858) 694-3741
    Poway: (858) 748-6600
    San Diego (Neighborhood Code Compliance) (619) 236-5500
    Santee: (858) 565-5200
    Solana Beach: (858) 694-3741

  7. Gods girl got her Miracle!

    get a hold and get her on prednisone 10 mg for 4 days and then 5 mg every other day for 2 weeks. Then slowly decrease . Mange will be given to the pups it is transfered by little mites and they are all doomed. Get a Chow resuce to help with advice.
    Mange is hard to get rid of it. I adopted a dog yrs ago and he had it and he had to be put down at 7 yrs old cause the prednisone was used daily. This was 30 yrs ago and was the wrong advice from the vet.It harden his arteries.
    Animal control will do nothing at all…untill she dies or has dead pups laying around rottening. Get the a reporter at your local TV station, put up flyers at night telling about this cruel woman..

    Good luck! and God’s speed!

  8. beverly951

    Like someone else said you can call Animal Control or the Humane Society anonymously, Since you are the only one concerned enough for this mistreated animal , YOU , are the only link to some help for this nursing female. Even if you were to obtain the medicine, do you really believe this person would comply with the regimen? I can’t dare to think what is being passed on to these innocent puppies…
    Best of luck

  9. Jennifer A

    Of course it’s cruelty…it’s called neglect. Call the authorities asap.
    The hair loss could be an end result from the pregnancy due to malnutrition and puppy’s leaching whatever nutrients she does have. Which ultimately means neglect. Please help this poor dog and her babies. It breaks my heart to hear a story like this.

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