Hi , What is the best shower filter to battle hair decline?

Issue by Seeker: Hello , What is the greatest shower filter to fight hair decline?
I live in Boston and endure from servious hairfall.I frequented the Skin doctor and got a thryroid and a iron binding take a look at accomplished. The assessments are all standard. I dont seem to be to comprehend what else could be the dilemma. It all commenced this August and i havent done anything at all various to instigate it. I would like to try a shower filter and see if that operates.. pls aid and also advise remedies for hair decline..ta

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Answer by hellokitty
could be stress, using way too many heating goods on your hair, probably you want to modify your shampoo. try out infusium

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  1. Heather Honey

    what on earth does a shower filter have to do with hair loss? could it just be natural hair loss, genetics, or you’ve been wearing a ball cap too long? i’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with how the water falls on your head or how much rust is in the water. if that was the case, i would be bald right now….

  2. Margarita T

    Quick… get your hands on NIOXIN system it comes for chemically or non-chemically treated hair. They have advance formulas for advance hair loss. Also there might be a huge possibility that is genetic. It might be in your family pedigree somewhere down the tree. You may e-mail me directly if you need further info.

  3. Chatter Box

    To some this may sound silly, but to me it makes sense. Water & chemicals can affect your hair so I have been told, I bought a filter for my shower off of the web. Sorry I can’t remember what the site was. But if you search for shower head filters you will get some idea’s. It did not stop my hair from falling out but it did help the condition. I am loosing my hair too but I am a woman and it is a big problem finding out anything except what I said in my group explanation. Try some of the online sites for hair loss. Forget Nioxin it will do nothing. You need something that blocks the hair loss I think its DHT if you go online you can read everything about this and I think its true for guys. I have tons of books on the subject searching for an intelligent answer other than its hereditary or old age!!!!