12 thoughts on “HIS Hair Clinic – Andy’s Alopecia Totalis Treatment Online video (after scalp micropigmentation)

  1. +WolvesLadAndy Hi Andy it looks good. I have full blown alopecia as well.
    Did you have the eyebrows done? Also I heard tattoos can turn blue over the
    years. Will this happen to your ink or do they ensure this won’t happen.
    Anyway it looks good mate.

  2. Looks unnatural.

    Imagine when he’s 70 years old and still looks like he has a 20 year old
    clean cut.

  3. If you send us an email, attaching your picture, then we can give you an
    accurate quote. As a ball mark figure with Alopecia Totalis you would be
    looking at approx $4,000-$5,000

  4. On a pain scale from 1 to 10, with a one representing a minor scratch to
    ten representing something like a kidney stone or a major burn, most
    clients rate a SMP treatment overall as a three to five. For more
    information, on our website click on TREATMENT > KNOWLEDGEBASE > PAIN

  5. Looks nice and promising! I’ll be hitting the gym and be saving some money
    and i’ll get the procedure done once all my hair is gone completely in the
    near future.

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