HIS Hair Clinic – Will two Years Later on Update – Alopecia Areata Treatment

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  1. shaymless1986

    any plans for a clinic in ireland???????

  2. lray1234

    May I ask how the sun affects the look outdoors? Does a HIS Hair treatment
    cut down the glare reflected from the sun somewhat, or does it make the
    head look as bald as a non-treated head?

  3. HisHairClinic

    There are various products you can use to help eliminate/eradicate the
    scalp shine. One being Nizoral shampoo and then there are a host of other
    products you can apply to your head to combat any shine problems, If you do
    a search for “anti shine” on our forum you will see what our clients have
    been using and how effective these products are


    Any plans of opening a clinic in Sydney, Australia?

  5. rudradeepd

    can you please open a branch in India as well?

  6. HisHairClinic

    There are no immediate plans to currently open a clinic in India at the
    moment, however that may change in not too distant future. Out nearest
    clinics to India are currently in Honk Kong and Dubai (due to open shortly)