How a lot hair drop is normal for following dengue, really should i acquire health-related treatment method?

Issue by lel7lel7: How a lot hair fall is normal for following dengue, really should i receive health care treatment method?
I was diagnosed and hospitalized with dengue fever above seasonal, 4 months afterwards i am suffering from excessive hair reduction. I have go through other posts stating that this happens and am also using property remedies, tried out blood checks etc but all seems good. This has been going on for several weeks now and is not halting or slowing down – ought to i be worried? How lengthy is it typical for this to very last?

I would value if a person who has knowledgeable dengue related alopecia remember to enable me know what occurred to them.

Thanks in progress men.

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Reply by Gea Levetty
hey i experienced alopecia and i know that you can expand ur hair again by injections, it sort of stings but its absolutely well worth it and i havent had a problem because

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