How appear my hair retains slipping even after a year of employing various shampoos, lotions and nutritional vitamins?

Question by Villa: How come my hair keeps falling even after a year of using various shampoos, lotions and vitamins?
I still suffer from hair loss; I am a 23 year old female, under no stress, no problems except this one- I am going bald, can someone help me?
I dont`t die my hair.

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Answer by Nikki
first everyone’s hair is falling its normal but it also depends on how much you lose and if you lose much its maybe because of all theses products or how you take care of your hair?

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  1. Use fewer chemicals and look into your diet. You might be deficient in vitamins that give hair its strength.

  2. Rachael R

    Some people lose their hair in small amounts and some in large it does not mean your balding. You lose your hair so that new hair can grow back i would say dry less blow drying and hairspray and try using a dove shampoo. it helped me i thought i was balding to but it is normal to lose some hair.

  3. Hair loss is caused by many reasons such as malnutrition, illness, tension and other health problems.Perming, straightening, hair dyeing and bleaching ,hot combing, using heated rollers and hot wax inevitably damage the hair.Badly damaged hair breaks at the scalp. Check out for more info.