How can a black men comb his hair without having a bald place on the back of your head at top constantly appropriate not still left?

Concern by Alex: How can a black males comb his hair without a bald spot on the again of your head at leading always proper not remaining?
Hair is not prolonged just ample to comb it but I have always had this problem I am not bald guess I am just combing that a single spot incorrect recommendations

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Solution by Liew Sun
Could be Alopecia Areata (Location BALDNESS) an autoimmune disease. It leads to bald spot that can spread to the total scalp and often even the entire human body. Pressure has been identified to be the main result in.

For a start off you can assess with the images in Pursuing this, a pores and skin biopsy should be carried out by a qualified health care medical professional or a skin doctor. This is the greatest way to diagnose and affirm. It will present any irregular concentration of T-cells (immune cells) at the influenced region.

My bro did the exact same when had this issue. Nonetheless he managed to get well using a therapy he identified in the web site. Desire you a fast recovery

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