How can I aid individuals with most cancers?

Concern by Maggie O: How can I help individuals with cancer?
I am actually engaged in oncology and I really want to be there for folks with most cancers. I allready voolunteer at a clinic, and I do not have any further money to donate.
Any concepts?

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Reply by Kathy
Volunteer at a oncology ward maybe.
Ive reduce my hair twice to donate to youngsters who have missing their hair due to reasons like most cancers or alopecia…is that an solution? They require a minimal of 10 inches and it cant be colored and many others.
Maybe you can see if you can sit and hold preserve a person company while theyre receiving therapy, or in their hospital mattress.
If you know a person who has most cancers, supply to aid at home…tidy up, walk pets or watch their little ones if they have any. Probably do a load of laundry or two if essential. Or go to, and give family associates a opportunity to have a nap or shower or whatsoever.
Ive misplaced a number of people who Ive cared for because of to cancer. Its wonderful you want to support them.

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