How can I aid regrow my hair?

Query by Chris Kim: How can I help regrow my hair?
About five months in the past my hair itched a whole lot ( it constantly did in the earlier) so I kept scratching it and the up coming issue I realized my hair thinned a great deal. I did a great deal of factors to assist with hair decline like use organic and natural shampoo(biogem) take in wholesome and other items but it didn’t support. I kind of believe that I broken the nerves in my scalp or anything. Is there any way to fix this?

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My title is Stefano. I live in Italy but was born in chicago. I had the identical problem as you. Practically nothing served me out. Following a good deal of research and money investing i have stumbled on some thing remarkable that changed my life, and relay helped to increase my hair again. I so hope it does the exact same for you!
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  1. Obtain a bottle of olive oil, because this is very useful in regrowing hair. Place a drop or two of the oil on your finger and rub your palms together to spread the oil over both hands. Now spread it very carefully into the balding area of your hair. This is messy of course, and can make your hair greasy so it not advisable to use this technique when you have to be somewhere in public. Use it when you have several hours to yourself and won’t need to wash your hair for a while.

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