How can i avert hair reduction owing to hair rebond?

Issue by songs_lover: How can i avert hair reduction owing to hair rebond?
A week after i got my hair rebonded in the Philippines I been obtaining hair decline. When i comb through them i get a couple of strands of hair left in the comb. Can any person Remember to assist me avert far more hair loss!!! I am even now youthful and i never want to stop up bald!!!
does the laser comb actually perform?

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Solution by Sur La Mer
Sorry to hear that, way too bad you failed to electronic mail me and I could have informed you what to Stay away from in get to not damage your hair.

What is actually completed is carried out, also late to do anything about it now.

Greatest thing to do is trim the portion that had glue, that is what Christina Aguilera did to her hair when she obtained her hair shaved and lined it with a baseball hat following she took the hair bond.

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  1. guillermo r

    Do not worry, it will regrowth , just give it time. It could take several months.