How can I cease my hair from easliy breaking?

Issue by Julie: How can I cease my hair from easliy breaking?
Ever because previous calendar year I dyed my hair its been “shedding” I would say. Everytime I brush my hair, rather of standard strands in my hair brush, it’s like continual chemical cuts just slipping every single where. Even when I’m not brushing my hair, just simply putting it up into a ponytail some hairs start off to tumble out. What can I use to aid my hair? I use Garnier Frutis Color-Taken care of shampoo and conditioner, and Garnier Frutis non-colour taken care of leave-in conditioner. Now, my hair is really healthful and thick. I’m African American, Indigenous American (I consider lol) and Creole Indian (in a nut shell I am combined with a good deal of Indian lol) And my hair is down to the middle of my back. The only difficulty is the fact that it breaks alot! But its nevertheless in great seeking situation. Also, my hair has been smelling terrible, I can wash it a single working day and then the subsequent working day it will start possessing a sturdy odor, softa like a stale unclean scent, its weird. So basecally what shampoo and conditioner can I use or anything that’ll aid my hait out?

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Reply by Louisaa.Megz.
If you use heat on your hair I advise utilizing a heat protection spray or serum, my hair employed to snap off allot of the time and fall out in chunks but in commenced employing Loreal Warmth Safety and I’ve noticed it gradually acquiring far better +it smells wonderful also ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. take vitamin e vitamins every day. vitamin e is good for you hair and nails and helps strengthen them
    also i would not do anything to damage your hair further like dyeing it or bleaching it or applying heat to it. there are also shampoos and conditioners thar are designed to strengthen your hair i would recommend using one of those types of shampoos and conditioners preferably both from the same brand because they normally work good together.

  2. – Heat on your hair is bad ๐Ÿ™
    – Drink water
    – eat protein, have a healthy diet
    – massage your scalp
    – Flip your head over for 30 seconds
    – Trim or cut (depends on if you have damaged hair) your hair
    – Don’t over shampoo, hair need natural oils
    – Get moving
    – Don’t tie your hair up to much
    – There is no shampoo in the world that helps hair growth
    – I’m not sure if Biotin helps hair….
    – Be nice to your hair, don’t tease it
    – Hair grows 1/2 per month
    – 6 inches in a year
    Hope I helped ๐Ÿ˜€
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O: ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wiininiskwe *Ajidamoon*


    Creoles are NOT Native. Creole is a culture…..mainly made up of French, Spanish and black African. While there may be some Natives who also have Creole ancestry/heritage, that is NOT the norm. Nor are you Native at all, if you are not a citizen of a tribal Nation. Having a family blood myth about a Cherokee great-great-Granny does not make you Native. Having a living, breathing Native relative, does NOT make you Native, if you are not a citizen. Social race is NOT based in genetics.

    No one can give you advice based on on vague information and the co-opting of cultural identities you know nothing about. If you want advice specific to YOUR hair, you must go see a professional who can assess it, by looking at it, feeling it, etc.

  4. Use either castor oil or argan oil on your hair to make it stronger and healthier. Regular shampoos use sulfates which dry out your hair so try to use sulfate free shampoos instead. You can look online for a brand called pro naturals and get their silicone free argan oil and their shampoo and conditioner, those made my hair really strong and healthy. Try using avocado hair masks, maybe olive oil with honey too. Once a week is enough to get your hair softer and healthier. Oh and get trims, just little ones at a time a few months apart so you donโ€™t get split ends thatโ€™ll stop the hair from growing.

  5. Kenya Craney

    Vitamin supplements that contain vitamin E, B-6 and C are beneficial for hair. Vitamin E assists in circulation by increasing the amount of oxygen in blood. Vitamin B-6 deficiencies can lead to hair loss, and this vitamin needs to be replenished on a daily basis. Vitamin C contains antioxidants that provide nutrition, and without it your hair can become weak and break. Because daily stresses can damage your hair, providing your hair a daily supplement can lessen the amount of damage, thus reducing the amount of breakage. Always speak with your doctor before taking vitamins to determine appropriate dosage.

    Stop coloring your hair. Even if it’s been such a long time since you went au naturel that you don’t remember what your natural hair color is, put down the dye bottle if you want to prevent breakage. Most hair colors contain ammonia, peroxide, alcohol and other chemicals that dry out the hair and cause breakage.

  6. Hair loss can be characterized in many condition of our scalp condition. Some of these conditions are, thinning of hair, hair detritus which means the hair stops to grow anymore, partial or full baldness, alopecia etc. Many researchers observed the genetic cause as one of the major causes of hair loss but simultaneously the causes of hair loss have been located in our life style, food habit, medical reasons of using some drugs or being victim to some diseases and a lot of other causes. We would examine here some of the major causes of hair loss on which almost all researchers in the field of dermatology have been agreed upon.


    Clinically or from the viewpoint of medical science this the most commonly cited cause of hair fall and there is practically no dearth of evidence to substantiate this finding. So, if your ancestors or family members or close relatives have a long lineage of baldness or thinning of hair, you can be assured of the genetic cause of your hair fall.


    Hair is also integral part of our organic system and like any other cells of the body hair cells in our scalp also needs proper nourishment and nutrition. So the deficiency of a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can as well be the cause of hair loss and baldness along with other causes.


    High fever for a longer period and viral diseases are said to be some of the contributing factors for the hair loss of many patients suffering from these diseases. Typhoid is the most prominent disease to be the cause of hair loss for many patients affected by it.


    Certain drugs and treatment can be very harmful for the condition of your scalp and hair. Normally cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy or radiation are much vulnerable to the hair loss or rapid thinning of hair. Many crucial or life saving drugs in the allopathic medical tradition have tremendous side effects to cause hair loss.


    Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss which explains the subversive effects of our modern day life style on the functioning of our organic system. Our hair cells like other organic cells needs rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. With your stress and restlessness your scalp condition is also left with syndromes of falling apart and non responsive degrowth.


    Chemically treated cosmetics can be a major cause of hair loss. Before straightening your hair artificially by using hair gel or hairstyling by means of any non organic material remind yourself of the long term causes these would leave on your scalp. Most of the shampoo and bathing products in the market are chemically treated and they are known to have a adverse effect on our hair and skin. It is high time to beaware of them, especially for those who are proud of their mop of lovely hair.


    Are you aware that the regular supply of water in any household is chemically treated and for a person who has already developed the syndromes of receding hairline, bathing with this water can prove dangerous.


    Pregnancy and giving child birth is one of the major causes of hair loss in case of women. Women become vulnerable to various kinds of mineral deficiencies at the time of pregnancy or child birth which causes their hair loss.


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