How can i dye my roots with out getting my hair fall out?

Query by MISSPRISCY: How can i dye my roots with no having my hair fall out?
I bleached my hair about three several years back and i went by way of a stage the place my hair broke off in chunks. Because then i have not bleached my hair at all, i just utilised standard hair dye for my roots and now my hair is prolonged but all of a sudden everytime i dye my roots theres this one particular area of my hair in the back that broke off in chunks and my hair is constanley falling out in strands and its not like regular daily hair loss. What can i use for hair to grow back in that location?

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Answer by GU3SS WAT.? iDC!
Gooo to a hairstylist and explain to them about your dilemma if you hold utilizing more than the counter hair dyes thats what moreless it will do to your hair… so your very best wager is just to quit into a hair location one day and ask the lady what ought to you do about this dilemma and im certain that she will give you concepts or she may beable to give u a special dye or shampoo to end your hair from slipping out :]

— But i would do is just give you hair someday to increase out and ur roots also then maybe try the hair dyeee

— Hope i assisted :]

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