How can i expand far more hair on my head?

Issue by Ashley: How can i develop much more hair on my head?
I have naturally good and limp hair (I do not experience any troubles of extreme hair loss), and i would like to develop far more hair so that I am going to have a thicker and fuller crown. I’ve tried Hair Volumising Shampoos but it doesn’t seem to assist significantly. Any tips on how to get a lot more hair, by natural means? 🙂

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Response by bramptonparrotorange
it is imposible

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  1. I would look into hair vitamins. Ask your doctor.

    I know that volumizing shampooes are not much help because I think I have tried everything on the market. But I tried this 2 years ago and really liked it. I have very fine limp hair, and I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner called TIGI Sexed Up. It temporarily plumps up the hair shaft of the hair making it look fuller. Good luck.

  2. uhh use natural products its much better for hair

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