How can i expand more hair in MY head?

Question by Sol: How can i increase a lot more hair in MY head?
I’ve been possessing tons of hair loss these days, is there a way i can make it develop quicker? No wigs, weaves please!

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Reply by Chef Quiet
I would take prenatal natural vitamins. They have folic acid in them which is fantastic for hair progress. A model at Walmart named Spring Valley sells them for 8 dollars in the pharmacy aisle. Also, conditioning and trimming the ends will maintain the finishes from breaking off at the same stage, keeping it the very same length. Ingesting 8 glasses of water every day (which is one cup of drinking water 8 occasions a working day) is very beneficial for hair growth. Really my hair grew three or four inches in 10 months by drinking drinking water, but now that I know about the prenatal’s I am attempting individuals on Friday. But anyways, MSM is also great for hair expansion but I have read it gave bad headaches if not sufficient drinking water ingestion and gave folks unusual desires. You can also get that at Walmart by the brand name Spring Valley. If you have any much more questions about hair expansion, you should really feel free to e-mail me.

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  1. I’m going through hair loss issues, too. Make sure there isn’t a underlying issue like hyper or hypothyroidism first. Make sure you are eating a well balanced meal, that’ll do wonders for your hair. Also I take a hair vitamin, there are tons out there. Plain Biotin is probably the most common. Also Rosemary is excellent for stimulating hair growth! Look into that. =)

  2. massage your head in the shower to stimulate growth
    sleep with hair in a scarf for minimum breakage

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