How can I fix my oily hair without having the hair decline?

Issue by starwarsaddict: How can I resolve my oily hair with out the hair decline?
I cannot use shampoo each day simply because the hair reduction gets to be twice as numerous but I when obtained scolded by the hair salon due to the fact my hair was so oily. Any suggestions on removing the oily really feel or seem without having the hair decline from shampoo, brisk toweling or too a lot combing?

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Response by rommi
Mine was the exact same… Just never use as significantly conditioner and will not situation it every single day. Hope this assisted

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  1. I tend to lose a LOT of hair when I shampoo, but I also lose a lot when I don’t and brush my hair after showering. It’s really irritating because the hair is all over my bedroom floor and it’s so bad I have to vacuum every few showers because the hair is everywhere. You lose a lot either way. How I dealt with my oily hair was washing it only every other day, and ONLY conditioning the very ends(greasy roots, dried ends). The days that I didn’t wash my hair, I wear in a ponytail or a poof with my hair teased a little bit so you can’t tell how icky it was. Ask a doctor if hair loss is really concerning you.

  2. ship conditioning… use oats pack… do u gt shihakkai(Acacia concinna) in ur place? it works well.. if posible get it frm indian stores… u may get powder but its betr if u get it raw, soak, grind to make it a paste, u can apply in ur hair fr 10 mts and wash.. it does miracles.. helps hair growth, reduce hair fall and ur hair will stay fresh fr long time… u can use mung bean also… soak it for 3 hr or over night make it a paste and wash.. done use mung bean if u r prone to fevr and cold.