How can I get my hair to grow a lot quicker?

Issue by Sophie: How can I get my hair to increase faster?
My hair has usually requires a long time to expand in contrast to a lot of ladies I know they acquire an inch to their hair every single 2 months or so! Is there a way I can get my hair to develop a lot quicker with out purchasing costly goods? Many thanks 🙂

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Answer by trina
You can attempt using biotin (hair skin and nail) pills nicely nutritional vitamins they are about 10$ a bottle or consider some hair masks,theres alot of different tips on pinterest!(:

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  1. CeelaGee15

    Dont use heat for a long *** while .
    Cut your split ends every 3 months.
    Try to always wear your hair up in a high ponytail or high donut bun.
    DO Not dyee your hair any longer.
    If you do wear your hair up make sure the elastic does not have metal on it that can tear apart your hair or break.
    Always put a deep conditioner on your hair before you put up your hair.
    Hope this helps you C: ha
    Ohh and take lots of vitamins xDDD and you can buy a cheap deep conditioner

  2. Don’t wash it every day and I’ve seen improvements in mine when I condition it and wear it up in a pony tail or french braid it tight. Also some say get your ends trimmed because split ends stop it from growing.. no your hair grows from the roots and gettijg it trimmed makes it look healthier. Don’t use alot of conditioner! !