How can i get rid of hair, do you consider this is ok?

Concern by None N: How can i get rid of hair, do you believe this is ok?
I found a bottle of epil-end, i think its named and i wished to get rid of some hair you know around my genital spot but it claims not to use there or anyplace but the confront. Like your cheeks and thats it. I want to know if it would be fantastic to use there, i mean whats the worst that can happen, it was intended to get rid of hair.

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Solution by barefootmodel
it could make you crack out like nuts because that’s a extremely delicate region, try nair for the bikini region or just shave it

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  1. dream on dreamer <3

    well if it says not to use it there its probabally not worth the risk of finding out what might happen. it could end up burning or something idk

  2. I would reccomend that you test the product on a patch of hair somewhere else first. Like on your leg. Just to be sure you dont have a bad reaction. Because if you do your much better off with a rash on your leg then somewhere else. You can always resort to waxing…

  3. tienshung f

    dont do it! if you do you can get burned or something! read the side effectts! or go to the salon!

  4. !*ADD Me*!

    how bout u shave it or wax it i wouldnt try any lotions nair works good

  5. you could get a chemical burn! Ouch that happened to me before and it is not pretty and takes a long time to heal. Best thing to do is wax it, keeps it smooth without prickly’s. If you want to save $ $ buy your own bikini wax and do it yourself,

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