How can I get silky hair with out detrimental my hair?

Issue by ZerpDerp: How can I get silky hair with out damaging my hair?
Hi, so I’m a guy and I think my hair is sort of thick and I have developed sick of it. I want to have straight silky hair, is there a way to get that much more naturally without a straightener? Are there any recommended hair goods? If I go to a hair salon or anything will they inform me what I can do also?

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Answer by chilek
indeed they will but going to a skin dr is greater than heading to a elegance salon!

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  1. Salon: just ask them to thin cut it or layer it
    Yourself: conditioner (I like dove brand) :]

  2. For product recommendations, John Frieda Frizz Ease gives me straight silky hair (if I blow dry it straight). You can also get your hair chemically straightened in a salon, but in the long run this is quite damaging to your hair. Although if your hair is short it won’t matter so much.