How can i handle my hair from falling off?

Concern by Minita Rebecca: How can i management my hair from slipping off?
I have prolonged hair. Bt i am extremely much anxious of it., as it is slipping a good deal.. Can any person advise me some suggestions., which do not trigger any aspect consequences., other than by employing hair lotions etc.,???

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Solution by Kristah
cease employing styling gels.

use anti hair loss shampoo

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  1. Hair can fall out for many reasons and not result in thin hair from hair loss. Many people simply shed at different times of the year. Also extreme change in diet or exercise can cause temporary hair loss. I would talk to your stylist about it next time you visit the salon.

  2. Your hair is what you eat. If you eat correctly and drink enough water, 80 percent of your hair problems are solved. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet rich in protein and minerals. Oil your hair regularly, include a lot of milk, almonds and greens in your diet and drink at least 12 to 14 glasses of water daily. Check out for more info.

  3. Melanie V

    I lost almost all of my hair at age 32. Aromatherapy scalp massage treatments helped me regrow all my hair to a state that was better than even before the hair loss. Although these work very well as a female hair loss remedy, it is important to pinpoint the type and cause of your hair loss. There are four main types of hair loss that affect women. Almost all cases of female hair loss can be reversed or improved. This article will help you determine the type of hair loss you have and how to proceed with a solution.

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