How can I locate a alopecia friend?

Question by Alexa: How can I discover a alopecia good friend?
I am 13 and I have alopecia (a hairloss disease) I am mainly bald. I think I’d truly like to have a pal who lives near bye me in Minneasota but I don’t know how. I want to go to one particular of these support groups but my Mother doesn’t have time. Any suggestions in which I can discover a buddy with alopecia like me?

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Answer by pookiesmom
Have you appeared at the Yahoo groups web page and searched there? Or probably just google alopecia Minnesota and see what pops up. If you can’t go to a group nearby personally probably if you referred to as they give you the # to a few other little ones close by that you could satisfy. I am sorry your mother doesn’t have time to acquire you, sounds like you could actually use the assist : (

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