How can I make my hair grow hunting healthy?

Query by Hadeel: How can I make my hair grow looking wholesome?
Heay everybody… properly my dilemma is considering that am african i want to always relax my hair but the factor is my hair is weak and when it grows it keeps breaking so i minimize it once again… how can i keep my hair hunting healthier while it grows..?

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Answer by surfcities
wash with beer

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  1. Lady Lorenzo

    spray lavender and tea tree oil on it.

  2. JustWondrering

    Don’t wash it with beer; wash with anti-breakage shampoo and moisturize it everyday all during the day and stay off the relaxing product for a while! And DON’T wear wool cap or hat they can really break hair! Hope this helps!

  3. Chica_Dorada

    Need to get trim first and ask for hair treament rich in Aole Vera it helps my hair is long and healthy always

  4. before sleeping always massage your hairs with a nice hair oil for at least 20 minutes & in morning wash them with a nice shompoo.
    this way they will grow faster & remain healthy
    you can even apply curd but its a bit smely & messy

  5. You must find a stylist that will focus on the health and maintenance of hair, you need to be going ot see this individual every two weeks. If this is not something that you can do, I would suggest getting some braids or even getting a full head of sown in weave.

    If you are going to go w/ the every two weeks get wraps and wrap your head in satin scarves. I would suggest you actually sleep on satin pillows.

    I suspect you have coarse hair like myself, if you follow this method your hair will grow.

    As for oil try Kiehls Enriched Massage Oil for Scalp

  6. disasterkid

    have a hair treatment or just leave your hair natural… because sometimes relaxers have a damaging effects in our hair…

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